Tuesday, November 8, 2011

White Wednesday

A glorious winter day here in California. Still a little wet on the ground from this weekends rain day! We had a very productive day...dropped off more handmade goodness at the Make Good in San Diego. Love that shop. I'm participating in a home boutique on Friday from 3-6 in Riverside, CA. Looking forward to having a few hours off from the kiddos even if it is working at the same time.

My White Wednesday post is this gorgeous treasury from Etsy.

I am not a ballerina...defintly don't have the figure for it but there is such a draw to all things ballerina. These gorgeous toe-shoes are sooooo lush and gorgeous.
Red Shed Antiques


  1. Hey very cool things in your booth! I just opened my little shop in California also, next time I'm visiting family I'll look up your items, love the enamel pitcher you have for sale!

  2. I would love to have those ballet shoes for display--though I am no ballerina either! :)