Thursday, July 22, 2010

Building Blocks

I am obsessed with Blocks!! So here are some of my favorties today!

Super cute natural looking blocks!

Another adorable etsy shop filled with handpainted blocks

This is my favorite!! So cute and the rest of the shop is equally as adorable!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Artful Thursday Found Paper Notebook

Artful Thursday

Since we just gave birth to our little guy two weeks ago I've been slacking on the artful thursdays! But I've finally had time to finish a project...I apologize ahead of time for the lack of photos.

Found Paper Journal
First gather your materials:
Vintage Paper
Two Rings for Binding

Step 1: Cut cover, back cover and pages to 4x6 or smaller.
Step 2: For the cover: Cut 4x6 of slightly heavier cardstock or cardboard. I used a vintage steno notebooks cover. Next cut fabric to fit with about 1/2" overhang. Apply adhesive to cardboard and lay fabric over it, smooth the fabric so its nice and straight. Then use adhesive on the overhanging pieces and adhere to inside of the cover. Next cut piece of vintage paper to fit the inside of the cover...adhere to inside of cover. Be sure to cover the edges of the fabric.
Step 3: Stack book as you'd like it then using Crop-A-Dile punch the holes for the binding rings.
Step 4: Assemble pages and covers with binding rings.
Step 5: Create embellishments to adorn the cover. I created a couple of felt and fabric posies and then printed out the words "hope springs eternal" on iron on fabric labels.

A few of the inside pages. I used postcards, lined paper, ledger paper and more.
Also tried Julie's mini notebook! So cute!