Thursday, April 1, 2010

Artful Thursdays Number 1

Collaged Tart Pan Magnet
I have so many projects rolling around in my head and all the supplies scattered about my craft room that when I saw Julie Collings challenge to create a project every thursday I was thrilled. Finally a challenge and a clean up in progress at the same time. For my first project I only had about a day so I choose a small project I had wanted to try my hand out for some time. For this simple little tart pan magnet I gathered my supplies:

-Vintage Tart Pan
-Vintage Ephemera (I used a fun little ready book page)
-Vintage Lined Paper
-Tulle Scraps
-Vintage Seam Binding
-Vintage Millinery Pieces (leaf & flowers)
-Little Birdie Rubber Stamp (
Plus Mod Podge Sparkle, Glue, Scissors, Adhesive Magnet, Ink Pad

Here are the DIY instructions:
1. Measure inner circle of tart pan and cut out that size circle in the lined paper.
2. Select words from vintage ephemera, cut out and adhere to lined paper circle. Then stamp bird image on the lined paper.
3. Adhere lined paper circle to the inside of the tart pan.
4. Fill with mod podge and let dry. (I have this ancient bottle of mod podge sparkle that I used...I keep everything.)

5. While waiting for it to try create a little mini bouquet out of the millinery pieces, tulle scraps and seam binding.
6. Adhere mini bouquet to inside of tart pan.
7. Adhere magnet to back of the tart pan.

And there you have it! An adorable magnet to adorn your fridge, memo board and more!

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  1. this is super
    cute! i'm thinking
    i've got some
    heart shaped
    tart pans that
    are due for a
    happy day!

  2. Cute magnet! Don't you love the idea for Artful Thursdays? cleaning up and creating at the same time - I'm finding the day pretty inspiring.

  3. What a sweet idea, and would make a super cute little gift.

  4. I really like how you used the old tin - I see them sometimes but couldn't think what to do with them. What a great idea!

  5. beautiful - love this idea may have to try it out.

    artful thursday sistah