Wednesday, September 21, 2011

White Wednesday #118

White it. I'm posting a couple pictures I took at the last Vintage Marketplace here in Rainbow, California. Gorgeous! Amazing talent! Also another thing I love about White Wednesday...the Double W's. So much fun! Reminds me of so many things (Wacky Workday, Humpday (my hubbys fav expression), Weight Watchers (just joined) and so much more)!

My newest creations are my fun scrap lampshades & lamps. This gorgeous one was so much fun to create in hues of white.


  1. Jessica, I love your whites today... especially that lampshade! are you selling them on Etsy?>

  2. What an amazing creation!! I love this shade! so shabby chic :)
    im your newest follower-- come check my blog out when you have time :) :)