Tuesday, September 13, 2011

White Wednesday #117 & Blog Feature

Happy White Wednesday

Today my theme is going to be electricity. If you're in Southern California you know how this past weekend was without electricity for so many of us. It was fun in a weird way. My husband however didn't have a much fun stuck in traffic, searching for a gas station. The kids and I however scrounged around found some candles, made dinner, took cold showers and enjoyed the moonlight. However after this incident it made me realize that we are ill prepared for a disaster. Time to be prepared!

Edith & Evelyn

Plus I am including a snapshot of this gorgeous treasury that QuaintLeigh created on Etsy. It includes some of my cupcake toppers but I just love the colors and theme!!

Plus another photo from my booth at the Vintage Marketplace. I had such an amazing time and I feel so much love from all the vendors and especially lovely Rita & Christie. Thanks again can't wait for Decembers!

Plus this darling girl bought my fun pink polka dot dress. I "borrowed" the picture from Tricia from Vintage Bliss.

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  1. Sorry about the electricity. But I remember when my kids were young that just thought that was the coolest time.