Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oh happy day

I keep reverting back to my high school years and I'm always thrilled when someone cool accepts me into their nitch. So today when I found out that I was accepted as a vendor at the Queen Bee Market...GLORY ALLELUIA I was thrilled. Now I am still thrilled and my mind is racing.

I'm posting a few pics from my booth at this past Vintage Marketplace. It was amazing as usual and the new location was primo! Plus lunch everyday was at the Oaks and oh my goodness...yummy!

Then the hubby, kiddos and I took a little day trip out to Matilda's Mouse for a little vintage junk shopping. Lovely vintage barn chock full of amazing goodies. I would have bought it all but the hubby kept me in check so I only left with a couple of vintage industrial letters. He is the type that we may have no food in the house but he will still manage to go to the store and get nothing but apples and granola bars. Man I love that guy.

As for the rest of live Jacob is turning one in a couple of weeks and it amazes me that I will have two toddlers running around soon....crazy! Plus trying to keep July somewhat mellow with only a few classes and the Long Beach Flea Market. Gotta prep for the Queen Bee Market (August 6th) and then the Vintage Marketplace (Sept 10&11). Whoa when I type it all out I realize how busy I am and all the stuff I need to get done....AHHHHH.


  1. So happy for you! Hope you have an amazing show. The Queen Bee Market looks great and well organize. Ciao Rita

  2. Hi Jessica it's Wendy from Blissangels and the faerie shoe swap.. I have tried to email you about the swap details but the email i have won't work .. and there no contact details on your profile.... please email me as soon as possible so I can check the email BLISS.WDA@GMAIL.COM thanks wendy