Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Artful Thursday #7 Baby Shower Door Hanger

My sister is having her baby shower this weekend and I am in charge of decorations. So I've made my pinwheel cupcake toppers, banners, a cute centerpiece and this adorable door hanger for the front door.

Gather your materials:
Various size circles cut from patterend paper (I used my sizzix big shot)
A Children's Hanger
Alphabet Stickers

First step: After cutting out the cirlces...using alphabet stickers spell out the word you'd like.

Next step...tie ribbon around the hanger and glue the long edges together.

Next step...Attach the BABY Circles with glue and add a few other circles for embellishment.

Finish with the rest of the letters and perfecto a cute and easy door hanger!!
Here are some of the other items from the party!


  1. These are some great decorations, must have been a nice personal touch to the party!

  2. love this - I love all things paper related. Great job..

    embellishments by tina