Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Artful Thursday #5 Better Late Than Never

Artful Thursday Post #5

So late but I figured better late than never. My husband and I recently went to a wedding and there were a bunch of the little bubble containers left over. So I snagged a few to create a little bouquet of fun!!! Super easy and you'll need a few supplies:

Shrinky Dink Plastic, Colored Pencils, Vintage Paper, Scenic Sand (I choose blue), Empty Mini Bubble Container, Vintage stamens, leaves and seam binding, Ribbon Scraps, Piercer, Heat Gun, Sand Paper, Florist Wire, Butterfly Stamp.

Step 1:
Punch out three 2" scalloped circles out of shrink plastic.
Sandpaper the circles then color with colored pencils.

Step 2:
Punch hole into the scalloped circle with piercing tool and then heat with heat gun. The plastic will shrink and create a gorgeous little flower.

Step 3:
Thread each shrinked plastic flower with vintage stamens & wire.
Then create a cute mini bouquet by adding leaves and twisting wire to bind together.

Step 4:
Fill tube with scenic sand and seal with glue & topper.
Glue bouquet to the top of the topper.

Step 5:
Create cute little butterfly tag to attach to tube by stamping image on vintage paper, cutting out and then adhering to bubble tube.

Final Step:
Tie seam binding and ribbon around the bouquet! Give this adorable little vase to a friend or attach to the top of a gift for a one of a kind gift wrap!

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  1. so fun and festive! i love how you started with just a little left over bubbles.
    happy summer, julie